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Note- all prices are for postage within the UK. For rest of world just add vast quantities of money.

Graphic Novels

“Russell, the Saga of a Peaceful Man”

Contains the saga material from the original “Big Bang Comics” #1 & #2. Festival anarchy from the 1980’s

£10.00 inc. P & P

“Russell, the Saga of a Peaceful Man Part II”

Continues the story of Russell, including “Big Bang” #3 and much more.

£10.00 inc. P & P

“Russell’s Big Strip Stupormarket”

An anthology including material from “The Primal Dribbling Dreambook” and the comic strip section from “Plain Rapper” #1. And a lot more. Satire, psychedlia, surrealism and silliness.

£10.00 inc. P & P

All 3 for £25.00 inc. P & P

The return of the comic-
“Big Trip Travel Agency” #6

Self published late 2012, the first Russell comic for many years, completing the serial “Those Good Old Days” from the earlier comics in this long interrupted series, a story of conspiracy, cock-ups and inaccurate memories…

£5.50 inc P & P

So what does the above signify? I should have revealed this months ago. The guy above is my old friend, Pete Rudd, who unfortunately died earlier this year. We had been out of contact for some time, but in 2014 he told me that he was suffering from various tumours, including several situated in the brain.

Pete wasn't much of a telly watcher. He tended to be the source of action and entertainment rather than a spectator. However, a friend persuaded him that he really ought to watch Breaking Bad, and this resulted in a boxed set, intensive viewing, and a change of wardrobe. Pete's identification with Walter White wasn't total, but despite a degree of irony (without which he wouldn't have been Pete) he threw himself into the role with enough enthusiasm to become an Ilfracombe landmark to rival Damien Hirst's 'Verity'. He didn't establish a crystal meth lab, but he did attract the attention of a number of strangers who offered him a range of experiences that made his existence more tolerable than it might have otherwise been.

He only finally abandoned this alter-ego some months later when he lost the hat in a taxi on the way to a hospital appointment.

Pete wasn't the easiest person on earth. Being bipolar didn't help. Nor did a lack of the more usual boundaries. But he was somebody who made the world a more colourful and wonderful place, and I am only one of many who miss him. Some people couldn't handle him at all, but I fear this reflects on them rather than on Pete.

I always intended to depict Pete at length in a future Russell comic. I really wish I'd done it during his lifetime.

Meet him in my next comic, "Russell & the Magic Wristband", in 2016. I hope you'll enjoy his presence.

And now for a poster!

The official Secret Garden Party poster from 2011

A limited run of 250, numbered, dated and signed. Size 42cm x 59.3cm.

A few still available (random numbers)

£16.50 inc. P & P

A3 copies of illustrations from "Beautiful Days" festival programmes


2015 BD9

Prints £4.00 each

Cost of post and packing for any number of prints, up to 10, £4.50

i.e. 1 print inc. p&p £8.50

4 prints inc. p&p £20.50

Also, at same price,

Secret Garden Party 2015


Cheques or P.O.’s (yes, they really do still exist!) to-
Pete Loveday
2 Town Farm Cottages,
Bratton Fleming,
Devon EX31 4RT

Please check you have included all details, particularly your own address! Some Russell readers may have lost the odd braincell during the long years of self-indulgence… Russell understands…

For other older Russell titles, try AK Press. You may be in luck. If not, enjoy their great catalogue anyway.

Original pages of black & white artwork are available from “Russell, the Saga of a Peaceful Man Part II”, “Russell’s Big Strip Stupormarket” and “Big Trip Travel Agency” #6.

Price is £100.00 per page, plus £6.60 P & P within the UK.

Email peteloveday@tiscali.co.uk or phone 01598 710 679 to check availability of specific pages.

Every page sold makes the next Russell comic more likely to reach publication, and your continued interest in the Russell project is much appreciated. Many thanks to all of you who have offered encouragement, moral support and hard cash over the years.

All commissions appreciated, but there is a waiting list! Let's talk about it anyway- email, or better still, phone.

Pete Loveday